Lider WOTC – Renata Verejanu

Renata Verejanu – Honorary member of the “Grigore Vieru”
literary circle from Toronto, Canada

„A candle light which shall burn for another century”…

The Romanian-English bilingual anthology “Stellar Relief” was the book that made my connection with writer Renata Verejanu from Chișinău. Collecting the documents for the book, I have invited the writer and translator Daniel Ioniță from Australia to honor us with his presence. He offered us some poems of Basarabian poets, translated in English. I was conquered by the poem “All men”, by Renata Verejanu. I have read the poem many times in Romanian and English. I felt a burning desire of memorizing the poem and read it to my Canadian friends every time we discussed about the literature from my home country.
Although she works a lot, to preserve her youth (as she likes to joke) – here come several anniversaries of poetess Renata Verejanu, the leader of the „Grai Matern” literary circle, whom she was all her life on the frontlines of battle for justice and truth; anniversaries which remind us how time flies and how we try to make some conclusions and round some digits: 50 years since first publication in written media (a poem), 40 years since editorial debut (From hundreds of masts), and 30 years of activity and promotion of civil society…
We look back in time and discover, as one critic said, that the poetess Renata Verejanu was ahead of her time, of many colleagues, and that she can be appreciated by the upcoming generations as:
– the first poet which organized the great Caravan of Culture of Peace from East to West, passing from capital to capital, from country to country, until it reached Council of Europe (Strasbourg) and UNESCO (Paris), its members being welcomed at the highest level everywhere (2000); the poet which participated at different meetings at Council of Europe, Strasbourg (Parliamentary Assembly, congresses, conferences, trainings), between 2002 and 2012, without being financed by anyone; the first poet who, between 1993 and 2009, has met the last five Secretary General of Council of Europe and the Secretary General of UN and spoke them about Moldova; the first poet which has promoted for over a quarter of a century the activities and policies of the Council of Europe among its peers, the first poet which created structures of civil society absolutely new in Moldova and also in another countries (the World Organization of Talented Children, Clubs of Council of Europe, European Academy of Civil Society, Caravan of Culture of Peace, UNESCO Clubs etc.): a network of over 20 de NGOs which represent an important spiritual building for children and youth, which helped her promote the democracy;

– first poet which is a promoter of UNESCO movement in Moldova, an active member of World Federation and one of the founding members of European Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations. Between 2000 and 2017 she was delegated at several world and European congresses of UNESCO movement and elected, at Paris (2008) in the leadership of the European Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations,
– first poet that implemented over 100 cultural-educational projects at local, national and international levels, well known worldwide through which she has launched over 55,000 young talents from all over the continents; first poet which created the prestige of Moldova in the world through intercultural dialogues and cross border conferences, Marches of Volunteers for Human Rights, World Forum of Talented Children, the Summit of Young Talents, Cross border Conference of Youth, Assembly in Motion of Youth, trainings, festivals, contests, publishing etc.; the only poet which founded many original media structures for young people – Micul Prinţ Magazine, which she publishes for over 25 years and first cross border newspaper of children who fight the corruption:„Copiii Europei” Newspaper, genuine modern media schools for children, teenagers and young people; the poet who created the first free and independent agency: Young Journalists Agency AMP-International (1991), which develops every year at Chişinău the First European Conference of the Young Journalists for young journalists non contaminated by totalitarianism – all these started with the „Grai Matern” literary circle, that was on the frontline of fighting for spiritual renaissance.
As one academician once said, we could lay on 101 pages many other events with which the Woman of culture, poetess, journalist, popular ambassador, woman of citadel Renata Verejanu makes more beautiful the time she lives in, but we want to believe that it would be better if we would read her poems, to discover the medium in which the famous writer of Moldova created…
Along with the immortal metaphor of the great Eminescu and Vieru, the grace of Romanian poetry gains a sublime side through the lyric of Renata Verejanu who protects the Romanian language and national identity (August and us); pours future in our eyes like:”Hope is not a glass of beer, it doesn’t end” (Flowers, hope and good luck); comes with faith that by placing us inside walls we will deliver ourselves:”On my own bones – I will write sad poems, Putting in front my prophetic thought”(My words). Renata Verejanu come with the petals of the soul gathered in groups of enormous and eternal feelings without them we can’t exist. Love and loyalty, friendship and nature fascination – common things for us. Proper for people with divine gifts, the feelings wash into the poetess’ heart and come on the light of day, gaining shape of an overwhelming confession.
In one of the poems Renata Verejanu says: “I knew how to make a holiday out of my life”. In extreme harsh conditions of the transition period, a time in which the culture and intellectual people are forgotten – poetess Renata Verejanu passes through time with dignity, courage and a lot of optimism. The poet does not let herself intimidated by someone who:
«… sells gossip, that it doesn’t rain anymore/
The deep space of a mirror in which our faces are changed,
Sells seasons, a couple of them
Not finished, like the day we die… ».
The poet knows how to offer to her peers the moment that «saves us», for the «by our kiss a mother feeds her child…..and the cherry trees blossom,/ and the mayflower / waterfalls, in their shouting, /they bend the knee before the kiss/ and is not a kiss – it’s the clear sky”…
It is the poetic sky, launched by the author in her early book (Until love 1979), from which we gave a few excerpts. It is the sky for which she fought always. Being aware that not every citizen is a genius („My ideas can’t be planted in any brain”) and that she cannot be understood by everyone, the poet insists that we learn how to think, or, „from thoughts my destiny is made”. A destiny as the measure of a complex personality, caught day by day in multidimensional cultural activities. The poetic paradox underlines the dignity of human being and civically courage of personality:
„Unfortunately, I can foresee
The great luck that helps be live beautiful”, – says the poet very calm, it is a reply to those who:
„You have not done me any bad: just one –
You banished my childhood from my blood”.
To be aware and terrified of the disaster produced by the totalitarian regime upon an entire generation – the poetess does not come with some suggestions that she should be awarded with any prizes. The poetess was, is and will always be on the frontline and in the harm’s way, since her first poems, being very uncomfortable not only for the system but even for some of her colleagues, which kept her books from publishing, in the drawers of Writers Union and at censored publishing houses those years. But the poetess says:
The woman which cries as if she would sing,
The woman who sings as if she would kiss,
The woman who kisses as if she wants to smile,
The woman who laughs with her holy heart…
(Song, 1971)
Here is how Renata Verejanu was thinking while all country needed to: „laugh all at once, cry all at once –/
They were taught as they were exiting the egg” (Demagogue’s idea), and
A poisoned plow walks through my chest
Trying to get ahead of my soul”,
(Vowels and poison), from the book „Amended comma”.
The poet of most modern metaphors through soul and courage, of deep and profound metaphors, original by their structure and sense, that carry a long lasting message, written as if by divine power, as the poet says, we discover that the verses written 30-40 years ago have become proverbs, sayings… The poet has published a book of sayings – In the world of Renata Verejanu, proverbs and sayings, which were not collected in a random manner, but from her own poems, a book which was awarded in 2009 an award at the International Book Fair from National Library of Moldova. Her verses are like a prophecy, a perfect intuition not only for the upcoming moment but for events that will take place years later:
The bells ring inside me –
A sign that I will live a long life
(At the castle), from the book Destiny’s sigil.
The first poet of the generation between the centuries which was organized a scientific conference at the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, a few symposiums (at public libraries and universities), which is also the protagonist of an international poetry festival unique not only in the area of Romanian language by its locale, municipal, national and international phases; author of three anthologies of poetry (between 400 and 600 pages each) she has a literary heritage of 12 selected works, all published from her own sources, like the rest of more than 50 titles of poetry, essays, advocacies, opinions, portraits, interviews, sayings, scripts, novels… in Romanian, Russian, English and many other languages.
Having so many beautiful thoughts of creation, Mrs. Verejanu finds time to bring us joy with her presence in anthologies published in Canada, to promote us with big love. Caught in the middle of events she found those petals of patience, to launch a new book in Chișinău and organized the common session of the two literary circles, “Grai Matern” and “Grigore Vieru” from Toronto, Canada, at the State University of Moldova, Department of Journalism and Communication Sciences, where the book “Stellar Relief” was launched on 18.10.2016.
Thank you, our dear writer Renata Verejanu, who finds always new forced to bring us light.
Mrs. Renata Verejanu has participated with her own works in the Romanian-English bilingual volume “Romanian Metaphors”, published in 2017 at Toronto and launched on 13 July 2017 at International Week of Romanian Culture from Câmpul Românesc, in Canada, where I presented the literary medallion:“International Year Renata Verejanu”.
No matter who will lead the Culture Ministry and Writers Union from Moldova, I am sure that the world critics will have nice words to say about the works and activities of famous writer from Chişinău.
Distinguished madam Renata Verejanu, I express my satisfaction in knowing you and being one of your peers which admires your works and here, in Canada, I am proud that in Republic of Moldova, the Romanian literature has great writers, great personalities with dignity and huge courage of staying in the clays of totalitarian regime and bearing the consequences, but not being defeated. Admiration, dear Poet, health, inspiration, new books, poems and novels, love and appreciation of your peers. Happy and blessed years!
Maria Tonu, poetess,
Founder of the „Grigore Vieru” literary circle,
Toronto, Canada


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  1. Mulțumesc pentru oportunitatea de a participa la un concurs de creație mondial. Sanatate poetei Renata Verejanu. Bravo echipei în frunte cu Daniel Verejanu. Multumesc juriului care mi-a apreciat lucrarea cu premiul II.

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